Take it back!

"Take it back, take it back
Take that thing right out of here" - Jack Bruce

It bothers me that so many people seem so unaware. Some of the most important issues facing all of us are never ever spoken aloud by the people who claim to be discussing "the issues". And you may ask "What issues are those?" but you already know what they are. Or you may ask "Why should they be discussed?" since trying to openly discuss any real issue is likely to bring down a shit storm of political correctness, and possibly even legal judgements or violence, and trolls, bus loads of trolls. So you may ask "Why discuss them now?" But this is my blog so I get to say what I want and delete any comments I don't like. I can even turn them off if I want.

Elections are coming. As usual it is being treated as a race, a football game or some sort of circus by the media. This naturally leads me to a couple of key questions. Why select leaders? Why does choosing a government not produce justice?

Try to remember a time when you were first being "taught" about government. Someone, somewhere was explaining to you the whys and wherefores. In school you may have even had a "student council" or class president. We were supposed to choose someone to represent us. But remember the kids who wanted to be in the student council? (Pardon me if you were one of those but you know this is true.) Did they represent you? What were their real motives? Were the decorations at the school dance any better looking because of them? I ask these questions because apparently ever since that time we have all been playing this little game where we pick and choose personalities hoping they are going to somehow do our bidding and not just take advantage of their position. My school actually had an Apathy Party that claimed to have won all the elections by virtue of the fact that most people did not vote.

You may say "But the nation's government is more serious than high school and the people we are electing say they will do these things we want." Sure it gets way more serious when people start bringing guns and bombs. But the whole show is still being run as a popularity contest. There is an illusion of choice and of course you are also free to not participate. But you were never given a choice about how this thing was to be run in the first place. You didn't choose our system of government. Democracy chose you. If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that this process is currently not producing "justice" on almost any level. Some will point out that no system is perfect. That is a favorite excuse for the way things are run. Another favorite is to claim we are in the greatest country in the world, or at least we will be after the next election. And if you accept that then you can't really complain right? Just to clear things up. I've lived in another country and they all think theirs is pretty great too. And they are right.

When I first listened to the above quoted song I was struck by an irony. Because when I first heard the opening "Take it back" I thought of it as "Let's take it back." But soon I realized that it is an imperative command to some other person. And I feel the same irony now about our government. On the one hand we need to take it back, and on the other we wish someone would take it back, as in - take it away and get rid of it.

Why select leaders? It bothers me that so many people are still clinging to the narrative presented to them by the media. It is not a race. Remember the game follow the leader? Selecting a leader is about choosing a direction. So shouldn't the main topic of discussion first be about the direction we want to go? Furthermore once we have chosen that direction shouldn't we all try to go there together? Defining a direction is not a race, nor a football game. Why doesn't the media concentrate on bringing forward real issues instead of what bathroom to use in public? Because that is not their job. They are paid for getting your attention. And they are also being paid to deliver a particular narrative or spin. In some cases they are simply pandering to a darker side that we all have just to get our attention but very often they are doing the bidding of their masters. It is up to us to bring the discussion back to the direction we need to be going. One thing people need to do is take your eyes off of the media if they are not discussing real issues. Go drink at a different media bar if you will. But discuss the issues and the direction not the personalities. We have issues like never before in history.

Clearly not everyone wants to go in the same direction. For example, many of us would like to have a home, have friends, and not worry about the hierarchy of human needs. Some of us are in real need of justice. Others of us just want to keep getting billion dollar subsidies while raping the planet. Assuming we can reach a consensus on some issues, then and only then do we need to select the people who will implement our will. Do we need leaders? I'm not sure we do but since we have a representative form of government we need representatives. People who will try to do what we ask and are not just in it for the money and power. Furthermore it is not good enough to elect someone great at the top, but let assholes run amok at every other level of government. That doesn't work.

It bothers me that some people are complacent. Apparently life isn't as uncomfortable for them as it is for most of us. It bothers me that some people are stupid. I know a lot of people already realize something is wrong with the status quo and are angry. But blaming a group, a minority, terrorists, GMOs, or fluoridation is not the answer. It is time for a spring cleaning of our government. Time to shake out the rugs and discover what was swept under them. But most importantly it is time for some truth and justice and the American way. Or as a friend of mine says we need to vote for outcomes.

Because if we can't find a way to "take it back" for ourselves, then I'm afraid the eventual outcome will be much much worse.

"Don't let them take me to where streams are red
I want to stay here and sleep in my own bed"

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