A Subversive Update

Well, the nightmare continues. I decided to try an Apache2 setup on my server. But using DarwinPorts I was unable to get subversion to build the mod_dav_svn. It wouldn't put it into the already installed Apache2 server in /opt. I tried all the variants including building a DarwinPorts Apache2 installation. In the end, I decided to look at Fink which I haven't tried in years. It turns out the current Fink is much nicer than I remembered. Fink commander is great! However a working DarwinPorts would still be simpler. Fink breaks up all the variants into pieces and although it knows the dependencies it kind of leaves you guessing sometimes. But in the end I was able to build Apache2 and mod_dav_svn.

You'd think that would be the end of the saga, but nooooo...

It turns out that Xcode won't connect to my WebDAV hosted repository. It tells me the host couldn't be found. I suppose I could try building with SSL. I tried to build it that way to begin but when I tried to build subversion from Fink it complained and so I uninstalled and did it again without SSL. This was because I am doing the whole thing behind a firewall and just didn't want the hassle. I think that Xcode just wants to do it through svn+ssh anyway, So fixing it now it would probably be another time waster.

Everything works great from the command line. So I guess I'll suffer with that for the time being.

One last little problem. I had to flatten out some resource files. I have a couple of PICT files that don't seem to want to flatten out (at least using Resorcerer) so I guess I'll change to using png or jpeg or something. @#$%

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