Subversive thoughts

I was bringing up subversion on my server. I used DarwinPorts to do the install on both my personal machine and the server. Ports seemed easier to me than my past experiences with Fink, but Fink does allow you to update all your installed software with just a few commands. DarwinPorts makes you do it package by package. But I am beginning to think that given how easily unix software breaks, I'd rather do my upgrades one at a time. Anyway, after installing subversion I started following the Apple document about using subversion with Xcode. I was able to make a repository. I added a group and added my development account as a user to the group. So far so good. I set up ssh between the two machines. I added the location of the subversion binaries to the PATH variable defined in the /etc/profile. I tested svn on each machine and was able to run it and get "svn help" etc. But when I try to install from my machine to the repository using svn+ssh:// on the server it tells me "bash: svnserve command not found."

So it seems like Bash isn't seeing my new path variable. So I tried ssh manually and everything works. I can run svnserve. Svnserve -d works but I haven't yet figured out how to simplify the path to my repository in daemon mode. Installing a project with the daemon I find it is complaining about some of the file names not being UTF-8. Great, you would think the Mac installation would be smart about that, especially since callable utilities exist in subversion to address the issue.

In the end I am left wondering whether or not I should start in on running Apache2 with WebDAV side by side with my server's Apache 1.x just so I can use subversion in a way that makes sense to me. I don't really care if anyone can see it outside my firewall at the moment, but what I really want is for it to work simply and correctly with Xcode.

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