Same shit different day. Except now the world is just laughing at us. Meanwhile a bunch of old white farts are talking shit about a woman, who apart from being traumatized by a rich white punk, has a higher IQ than all of these crackers combined. What's unbelievable to me is that this bunch of fuckers, er, excuse me, "Senators" have been in office almost since I can remember. I'm not a millennial either. In all my lifetime no-one has been able to bring them to account. It just makes you realize how easily (and cheaply) voters can be manipulated. And these guys, apart from robbing and stealing and committing treason, work very hard to keep their base really ignorant. Their voters are dumb; really, really dumb. Today FOX went ahead and posted clips of Trump speaking to the UN with the laughter edited out. Anyone with a brain in their head laughed anyway.

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