The political (and republican) media is dead and doesn't know it yet.

Funny that surfing the channels late election night I see a documentary about Abraham Lincoln, and on a movie channel "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". A coincidence?

Meanwhile the talking heads (not the band silly) are busy on some of the other channels trying to put their usual spin on things by discussing what changes (compromises) our new president will be forced to make to fit into their world view. That they seem a little shell shocked by the results, indicates that they still don't get it. I am hopeful, and insistent that it is this media, and the old school political thinking they represent, that need to get prepared for change.

Even the difference between the invite-only Republican camp in Arizona and the million strong mass of mostly young (well compared to me) people was striking. The Obama campaign, and his organization seem technologically strong, young and vibrant and are poised to make real changes. Clearly Obama is right to remind us that it won't happen unless we, the people, continue to help and give him support when needed. But it needs to happen.

So please let's not all sit back and let the mainstream media try to dictate the terms of the victory by telling us what Obama must do next. They are vanquished foe now, and as victors we need to dictate terms to them.


Well it’s 2018 and they are still at it. Nowadays they just lie their asses off and hope people are too stupid to even notice or too bored to care.

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