Every once in a while I change the technology I use to publish on my website. Sometimes it is a big change such as when I first migrated to Drupal. Other times it is something smaller. And a couple of times I've experimented with posting from blogging software. Today I'm trying out Blogsy from my iPad. I first purchased and downloaded Blogsy some time ago. But this site wasn't configured for external blogging. And it was getting late. I work a lot and somehow it got moved to the back burner where it stayed until now. In the meantime different pieces fell together.

rufferto Sun, 01/19/2014 - 17:21
Apple's iPhone 3Gs

My last iPhone post I said video and voice dialing were the only things missing from the iPhone. Well iPhone OS 3.0 and the 3Gs hardware are here and not only have those features been added, but a compass as well which perfectly rounds out the GPS function to allow driving assistance to truly work.

So far only AT&T offers an app which will do this and wants to charge an extra $9 a month for owning the app but I am hopeful the situation will improve.

rufferto Sat, 08/08/2009 - 19:43

Hallows Gumor

Spoiler Alert

Well she tied up all the important lose ends. And the series is over. About the only thing we have left to look forward to is the inevitable cartoon show about little Albus Severus Potter and his friends. The situation with Snape worked out more or less as I expected. The final moments were perfectly orchestrated.


No Gaps

I write software for a living. Sometimes the developer of a software program can spend years adding features to software and nevertheless miss the one glaring omission that almost everyone who has used the software has noticed. I worked for one company on a software project ( that shall remain nameless ) where there seemed to be a single serious flaw that was being ignored. Instead everyone was busy with other pet projects. I asked people why this thing wasn't top priority and was told to get busy on other things. I asked again and again and finally just gave up.



I know this is terribly late. And I should have seen this movie when it came out like the rest of the movie dweebs. But here's my review of Speilberg's Munich. If you are a fan of moral ambiguity, murder and mayhem; If you are either an Israeli or an Arab sympathizer then this is the movie you've been waiting for. Everybody else keep waiting. Not that it is a bad movie. Certainly worth every penny I paid to see it.


Kung Fu Hustle

Just finished watching Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle for the first time. A friend brought over the DVD. And if they weren't my friend before they brought it over, well, they are now.

I highly recommend the movie to anyone who loves martial arts movies, fantasy, adventure, comedy and special effects. Because this movie has it all. It even has a love interest as a minor subplot brought around just in time so you can feel good abut seeing Stephen Chow's name over and over again in the credits.