Florida Tourists Warned But They Aren't Likely Targets

According to several sources including the Washington Post tourists to Florida are being warned not to offend Florida residents because a new law on the books, as of October, makes it easier to claim self-defense in a shooting. Residents can even apply the same criteria to shooting someone in their car as they would to someone invading their home - a change intended to thwart car jackers.

Barbara gives Hastert a run for his money while Dubyah poses

Just when I though the most stupid, insensitive thing had been said, along comes the president's wife and proves me wrong. Read this if you don't believe it.

And meanwhile the president himself is proving that his face on the news is more important than people. U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., issued a statement which I quote partially:

American Atlantis*

George "Nero" Bush plays guitar while New Orleans sinks.

We are supposed to be at war with terror. We should be prepared for anything. But a hurricane that is coming for hours and days catches us totally off guard? Doesn't this prove the lie that is the Bush administration? George Bush mentions the oil pipeline eighteen times as he talks about his plans to send aid to New Orleans. Can't America see the truth behind his outlandish lies yet? We could have prepared better for this, but it didn't matter to Dubyah enough to even pay attention.