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Scientists Take Their Ball and Go Home

An article in the New York Times grabbed my attention. Apparently some scientists feel the state board of education in Kansas has displayed its philistine pig ignorance for:


…singling out evolution as a controversial theory, and also for changing the definition of science itself so that it is not restricted to natural phenomena.

Having been educated in science I can see the problem here. But it seems these particular scientists have decided that the students in Kansas had better be punished for their board of education’s sins and so they should just stay ignorant.

Florida Tourists Warned But They Aren't Likely Targets

According to several sources including the Washington Post tourists to Florida are being warned not to offend Florida residents because a new law on the books, as of October, makes it easier to claim self-defense in a shooting. Residents can even apply the same criteria to shooting someone in their car as they would to someone invading their home - a change intended to thwart car jackers.

New Blog Software - Same old sh**ty posts!

Well I’ve moved my personal blog into a drupal powered site which now completely ends my brief romance with blojsom. Hopefully this romance with drupal will last a little longer* since I am tired of creating websites for free. If you are looking for blogs about more technical stuff, then visit my “forgotten software” website.

*actually I’m studying Ruby on Rails now.


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