You get the government you deserve

Does history record any case in which the majority was right? - Lazarus Long

Recent political events have had me here at my blog wanted to write something time and again. And every time the shear stupidity of the people involved, the unbelievable chutzpah and/or total ignorance has left me with a complete writer’s block. Not because I didn’t know what to say, but because the scope of the problem and what needed to be said were just overwhelming. Most of the time it was all I could do to shut my mouth after it had fallen open again. It all started when the 2012 political campaign started, in the year 2010. Before that there was plenty of stupidity but stupid people, especially politicians and pundits, seemed to have been given amphetamines. It starts with the fact that any one of theses clowns could be running for office two years in advance instead of concentrating on doing what they were elected to do, and then it ends with the so-called debt crisis.

Corporate Rights and Wrongs

The recent Supreme Court decision finally got me upset enough to blog again. Especially since I haven’t seen anyone trying to talk about the validity of the decision. The press, and even the President can only seem to speak of the consequences of the decision, but the fundamental errors of judgement made by these so-called justices demand that someone speak out because the court itself has so lost sight of what they were sworn to protect.

C'mon Impeach the Bastard Already

I can’t believe the stupidity of the American public. The media is talking about this like it’s open to interpretation as usual. Bush’s proclamation of clemency is a slap in the face. But I think if Bush literally wiped his ass with the U.S. Constitution it would be a popular clip on YouTube. And it is very likely to be in the next episode of Lil’ Bush. What’s wrong with you people? The only negative of impeaching Bush is that Dick Cheney would be president and I have a solution for you there - just impeach that bastard too.

I Told You So

Well it looks like “Kato” Kaelin has competition for the lowest form of bipedal life. Unfortunately, this guy has reproduced, which puts him out of the running for the Darwin awards. Sad to think that he will be entrusted with a child’s welfare. Let’s face it, it is all about the money. My favorite comment was heard on (Fox?) news where the newscaster said “anyone could be the father”. That’s right, everyone has had sex with Anna Nicole.

Your call is very important to us...Part 4

Part four in a series. Part three is here.

Here’s a new twist I found on customer service. A certain satellite television provide advertises on their web site that they have “Better Customer Service for All” and on their contact page it says “Superior Customer Service”. So can you guess what it is like to call them?

Your call is very important to us...Part 3

Part three in a series. Part two is here.

After a lot of promises to have it installed by Friday, and a few Fridays, they finally were able to install my service last Saturday. Of course my phone is disconnected now for no particular reason that anyone at TPC (the phone company) can fathom. Perhaps Monday will bring another visitor to fix that. I cannot bring myself to recount all the horrible “customer service” I experienced since my last entry. But in the end a few people were unrelentless and with their help I am back online.

Your call is very important to us...Part 2

Part two in a series. Part one is here.

My phone company, The Phone Company (TPC)*, has a whole bunch of customer service numbers. They have the latest in voice recognition technology. It asks you to speak your phone number and asks for the last four digits of your social security number and repeats it all back to you in a nice pleasant voice. It works well if you want to find out how much money you owe them. That’s what customer service is all about, right? But if you speak the magic word “representative” then you get put on hold. There is a really neat song that loops without any perceptible break and you get to listen to it over and over again. I think one time I counted 78 loops before I gave up.

It's not my job.

As an entrepreneur I learned to hate these words. But I never thought I’d hear them in my home from my kids. Yet my son said this the other day when asked to do something. Apparently what I asked him to do was something his sister usually does ergo it wasn’t his job.


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