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In Living Color

I guess I wasn’t even thinking straight. I have grown so accustomed to being racially blind that I didn’t see the obvious until a racist republican jack-ass that I have the unfortunate bad luck to know made a comment. Then it struck me. I was looking at the televised images of the despair and the suffering in New Orleans and seeing human beings in need. But my racist acquaintance looks at those same images and sees niggers.

Yes I was born in Nawlins

Funny that I have a daughter named Katrina.

Everybody has been calling me asking me about what I think about what has happened. I guess my answer is that I don’t think about it at all if I can help it. But when I do think about it I get angry. Not angry at the hurricane because that would be pointless and futile. I’m just angry at people, especially politicians.

New Blog Software - Same old sh**ty posts!

Well I’ve moved my personal blog into a drupal powered site which now completely ends my brief romance with blojsom. Hopefully this romance with drupal will last a little longer* since I am tired of creating websites for free. If you are looking for blogs about more technical stuff, then visit my “forgotten software” website.

*actually I’m studying Ruby on Rails now.

SciFriday is back tonight!

Can’t wait to see what happens on Stargate, its spin-off and Battlestar Galactica. I’m lucky enough to have a DVR so I can wait an hour into the programs and then happily skip commercials. Finally!, a computer attached to my satellite receiver lets me skip commercials fast. I have dreamt about that since the days of my first VCR while trying to stop fast forward at the right instant. It still isn’t totally automatic. It would be better if commercials weren’t recorded at all.


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