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The Problem With Bush - No Comic Can Imitate Him

I was reading the news feeds as I sometimes do and after reading an article entitled Bush Defends Calling DeLay Not Guilty I just started laughing out loud. Then it hit me. I have not seen a single comic do a funny imitation of George Bush. I’ve seen a few body doubles, but they were just NOT funny. Jon Stewart does a lame Bush satire at best. Yet he is hilariously funny. Why? Because he plays off of news footage of George Bush just being himself. And that’s the answer. Dubyah is actually funny without any help at all. He could have a great career playing half-wits at the movies if only he’d give up ruining our government. Reagan went from the movies to being president. Why not vice-versa?

Of Course! Bush's Next (Media) War Will Be Against Mexico

Why didn’t I realize this before? All the Bush administration really has been doing is catering to his buddies in Texas. I knew that from the first line dance at the inauguration ball. Did they have a mechanical bull in there? I can’t remember. So now that we’ve taken back the oil “stole” from Texas oil companies isn’t it time to remember the Alamo? This article in the Washington Post is just the beginning. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Bush is posturing at saving millions of low paying jobs so that unemployed engineers like myself will have something to do besides blogging against the republicans.

Scientists Take Their Ball and Go Home

An article in the New York Times grabbed my attention. Apparently some scientists feel the state board of education in Kansas has displayed its philistine pig ignorance for:


…singling out evolution as a controversial theory, and also for changing the definition of science itself so that it is not restricted to natural phenomena.

Having been educated in science I can see the problem here. But it seems these particular scientists have decided that the students in Kansas had better be punished for their board of education’s sins and so they should just stay ignorant.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

It’s always interesting to see a survey like this. Someone, somewhere has come up with a test, which once scored, assigns to you a science fiction or fantasy character that matches your personality. The only problems are: The test is hardly scientific; and you have no clue ahead of time to which of the many science fiction or fantasy stories the test will refer. It turns out to be a short list.


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