Zombie Apocalypse Part Two

I wrote this because of the recent election news, but it is also a continuation of an earlier post about the zombie apocalypse.

I don't have cable. I don't watch any news channel. And I don't watch ads except for the few times I am forced to watch them, like previews at the movie theatre. The only other ads I see are the ones Facebook puts in my face every day. So I tend to observe current events by browsing “other” information. Lately I’ve been considering the popularity of apocalyptic movies and TV shows.

There isn't much real "news" any more. There are news programs that exist for two purposes. One is to provide stories so that the people have something to discuss. The other is for the advertisers. Note that this describes most of TV not just the news. There are still some viewer or reader supported news organizations which vary in their ability to be impartial. But the best and most useful news comes from shows that make fun of the news. And with a little more effort one can be a reporter and dig for sources themselves.

But even the line between advertisement and the so-called news program is blurred. So much news is manufactured beforehand just like the advertisements which will accompany them. Drug companies hand out pre-packaged medical news. Food conglomerates hand out dietary news. Except for some of your local news, most of what claims to be news is not that new. The news is a fill in the blank game of mad-libs. And the word lists are pre-selected.

Our attention is limited. Everyone is observing many different things and most can only handle a few well. The truth of this is exemplified by how fast the culture absorbed the term multitasking. Advertisers, working for money, given to them by big corporations, know this. They compete for the right to consume a limited resource - your attention. And like magicians they also know if your attention is focused on the right hand, you won’t see what the left hand is doing.

The apocalypse won't be about shuffling corpses eating brains. The apocalypse won't be a post nuclear holocaust driving trucks across the desert and burning the last bit of oil. Nonetheless, the Apocalypse is here and it does involve zombies. It does involve brain eating. And it does involve driving trucks and burning oil.

There is only one really important issue. Who owns the planet? Are we going to let the planet belong to a bunch of rich corporations and lame governments who are going to destroy most or all of it in their quest for money and power? Or are we going to put the planet into some form of trust, which will pay its bills, clean it up and take care of it and the people and creatures on it so that the human race can survive?

In the daylight, there are not that many choices before any of us. But the magicians of the corporate media want to keep the house lights down and keep the show going so you won't see the sticky popcorn and chewed gum on the floor. This is what has happened. The zombie disease spreads. The media is eating people's brains. And we are all the walking dead.

There is only one difference. This zombie disease can be cured. All it takes is to stay focused on what is really important. Turn off the TV. Ignore Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Stop worrying about public bathrooms and gorillas. Start really caring about our world and everyone in it.


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