Your call is very important to us...Part 3

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Part three in a series. Part two is here.

After a lot of promises to have it installed by Friday, and a few Fridays, they finally were able to install my service last Saturday. Of course my phone is disconnected now for no particular reason that anyone at TPC (the phone company) can fathom. Perhaps Monday will bring another visitor to fix that. I cannot bring myself to recount all the horrible "customer service" I experienced since my last entry. But in the end a few people were unrelentless and with their help I am back online.

There was one moment during the last few weeks I do want to retell. It came when the customer service representative let me listen in while she made some calls to try and find out if my installation would happen as scheduled. She dialed a number to speak to another department and then waited while the same idiotic song looped over and over again. After waiting for about five minutes on hold with the customer service representative I asked if she didn't have any internal numbers to get around the horrible wait. She informed me that the representatives had to call the same numbers that I or any other customer would call. In other words, her job experience was just as horrible as my experience as a customer.

There really weren't any people I encountered while trying to get fiber optic installed that I would describe as uncaring or lazy or even incompetent. But the beauracracy within which they all must function makes them impotent. Understanding how things could get that way and then writing about it would take many many blog entries.

Check part four out here.

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