Yes I was born in Nawlins

Funny that I have a daughter named Katrina.

Everybody has been calling me asking me about what I think about what has happened. I guess my answer is that I don't think about it at all if I can help it. But when I do think about it I get angry. Not angry at the hurricane because that would be pointless and futile. I'm just angry at people, especially politicians.

This is from a posting at, some poor person from New Orleans wondering what has happened:

Why isn't the Army/National Guard out in full force? Why did it take President Bush over 24 hours after the hurricane passed through to have a Hurricane Task Force meeting? Why are ships bringing relief leaving Norfolk, VA tomorrow? Shouldn't they have been on their way yesterday?

The looting, the policeman shot in the back of the head - these things disgust me. Where is the National Guard with shoot-to-kill orders for looters? I think everyone should know by now that Bush has used the National Guard in Iraq. And it should be clear by now to even the most gullible where Bush's priorities lie. Things would be different had the hurricane hit Texas. For one thing it would have ruined Bush's vacation.

But this is just the immediate anger. And I already have so many things to make me angry when it comes to the group in Washington.

No, a lot of the blame lies with the local New Orleans and Louisiana government and ultimately the voters. They have known for years that the pumping stations were inadequate or in disrepair. They knew the levee system was not suitable in the new areas of New Orleans East. And emergency preparations were a joke. But New Orleans is a city that parties. When I was young we used to have "hurricane parties". Yet everyone knew that one day New Orleans would get a direct hit. Well here it is and look at what has happened.

People have started calling New Orleans the "Big Easy". I don't know where that name came from but I never heard anyone from New Orleans say it unless they where talking about the movie of the same name. New Orleans has always been the "Crescent City". That crescent is formed by the Mississippi and the city is basically a bowl. No wonder it is filling with water.

To get a real feel for what is happening tonight goto the Times Picayune website and read.

But after all the anger subsides then comes the worry about old friends from childhood who I cannot contact. Some of them I haven't spoken to in years and now I find that I would like to hear from them if only to know they are alright. My own brother left his home near New Orleans before the hurricane and today drove to northern Louisiana to stay with an aunt and wait out the disaster. There were some tense hours while he was out of touch.

There is a drink in New Orleans called a "Hurricane" (see sidebar) and now they may want to add more rum to the recipe and call it a "Katrina".


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