Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

It's always interesting to see a survey like this. Someone, somewhere has come up with a test, which once scored, assigns to you a science fiction or fantasy character that matches your personality. The only problems are: The test is hardly scientific; and you have no clue ahead of time to which of the many science fiction or fantasy stories the test will refer. It turns out to be a short list. Star Trek, both old and new, Babylon 5, The Lord of The Rings, The Matrix, Star Wars (all episodes) and The Princess Bride thrown in for good measure. (Why was Stargate left out? Who doesn't want to be McGyver by proxy?)

I can understand limiting the media involved to the screen, since if the test were to consider books there would certainly be enough characters to assign a different one to each survey respondent. Nonetheless, I was kind of disappointed not to be matched to Corwin from The Chronicles of Amber or Sam from Lord of Light or Lazarus Long from Time Enough For Love or even Tarl Cabot from the Gor Series.

The truth is that one of the usual paradoxes of life has occurred. Almost every other thing on the screen these days, whether it is at the movies or on the TV, is considered science fiction or fantasy. And yet the general public is really still totally ignorant of the genre. Most "science fiction" on the screen hasn't any science in it at all. Most discussion of serious literature still doesn't include any science fiction, fantasy (or comics either) and yet our culture and lives have been dramatically changed by what has gone on in these "genres". And there is still more to come. Although I earlier mentioned some of my old favorite characters, there is still plenty going on in the world of science fiction and fantasy. It's worth taking a look at it if you like to think. On the other hand if you just want to coast through the rest of your life then just keep taking these stupid surveys and watch Fox news.


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