When the Lie is So Big

If any of you watch "The Daily Show" with Jon Stuart then you've probably seen a better criticism of the handling of the hurricane then anything that I could write in 10,000 words or less. If you get your news from network television instead of getting it (and your laughs) from Jon Stewart then you are probably sadly misinformed. Of course most of you actually reading this get your news from other sources that are at least trying to be objective, and therefore you realize that the laughs one gets from "The Daily Show" are simply a psychological defense against real feelings of anger, frustration and sadness.

I feel closer to that tragedy than I would about the typical war, earthquake, tornado, typhoon, volcano, or tsunami. And so my heart goes out to everyone suffering. I know some of them personally and despite what is occurring they seem to be moving ahead with strength and determination and don't really need or want me to be sympathetic (although well-wishing and help is appreciated). Mostly my friends seem to want to hear about something normal. Perhaps knowing that there is still a "normal" world out there helps them return to that state of being.

But I still can't help climbing on my soapbox when I see what passes for normal in the world of politics. Already it is too apparent that the political leaders are trying to profit from this disaster in any way they can. Oh, they will start by announcing how their heart goes out to the people suffering through this tragedy, as they arrive and leave "prepared" scenes in their helicopters. Now I didn't say "republicans" instead of "political leaders" although it is the republican administration that is trying to turn this to their advantage. The reason I mention this is because if the shoe were on the democratic foot, so to speak, I think we would still see politicians turning the event to their own gain, albeit not as deftly.

Yes, I have to admit, as evil and as incompetent as I think republicans are, they are extremely skilled at lying, misinformation and extracting political gain from any situation, even their own major fuck-ups. For example, what better time than now to appoint a new chief justice? No one is paying that much attention. And this is a man who at best is inexperienced, and at worst will probably start shoveling dirt on the constitution, which is already lying at the bottom of a six foot hole thanks to the current administration. To be fair, the grave was dug in the last thirty years or so by both political parties. The current administration just shoved it in.

And of course there are the billions of dollars of aid. You can bet that a lot of that money will find its way into the hands of close friends of the administration on its way down south. The political arguing, in-fighting and manipulation over the recovery effort is just beginning. There is plenty more to come.


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