The Swamp

It's been almost ten days since the disaster called Election 2016 and the media has been struggling to come up with a narrative they can use to try and keep themselves relevant. The mainstream has to figure out a way to sell "what has happened" to the public. People are already talking about boycotts. Clearly demonstrations and riots are bad for business unless you sell placards or riot gear. And people who still have money in this country want to know how their funds will perform well this Christmas and New Year.

I'm seeing people divided into groups again. For example there are the tolerant, and the intolerant. But some of the tolerant are asking themselves if they should really be tolerant of the intolerant. These are the intolerant tolerant. I think we call these the politically correct. And there are some who prefer to follow Jesus and Gandhi and turn the other cheek. We call these people toast. (Actually they are very effective in large numbers.)

This week the press is trending toward characterizing this election as a referendum between political correctness and and political incorrectness, as if that explains everything. And for many people it is very probably the case that voting for Trump was just a gut reaction. A popularity contest. And most people are tired of having every one of their ape-like, animalistic behaviors scrutinized to see if it is politically correct. A huge bunch of them are still in denial about evolution anyway. Just let them jump up and down and fling some shit for Christ's sake!

Part of the problem lies in the concept of tolerance itself. It has a built-in natural paradox. People can think of themselves as tolerant and accept all kinds of bad behavior in other people as long as it doesn't directly affect them. Once it does they can become pretty intolerant themselves. But here is the thing. The election wasn't really about tolerance at all. That was just its disguise. The election is about the social versus the sociopaths. It often is. The real problem is that this time the sociopaths won big time. A large portion of people voted for Trump hoping they were ushering in change that will make the country great again. Hell that is why most people voted for Obama. While one group voted for a man who said he will "drain the swamp", another large group didn't vote at all in a symbolic "shrug". They also bear some guilt now. The swamp has not been drained. Instead it appears the alligator and leech populations are exploding. Everyone needs to realize we may have just given the country over to a large group of sociopaths who care little for other people and only for money. And those of us who are not sociopaths need to work against the hatred and intolerance breeding in the swamp.

But there may be some hope. Because this election has gotten a lot of the haters, intolerant and sociopaths to come out, we now know who and where they are. And we can take steps to stop the damage.

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