Stop The Torture!

You probably think I am writing about the fact that our Vice President seems to be in favor of torture. But I'm not. Sure it is obvious that Dick has watched too many episodes of "24" and it is obvious he should be punished. He did, after all, swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and uphold its laws. But for most of the politicians in our government "swearing-in" is just a quaint ceremony.

No, the torture I am talking about is the torture of seeing our country turned into a fascist regime. The torture of realizing that the aspirations, hopes, dreams and thoughts and deeds of many good and sometimes brilliant people are being brought down by the lowest amongst us. The torture of seeing the environment raped by these men and their business cronies and wondering what, if anything, our children will have left to imbue them with awe and inspiration at the wonder of nature.

These men speak of god, of truth and justice. But they reek of evil, lies, of death and just plain ignorance. Isn't it time we stopped the torture of our own countrymen? They speak of threats to our liberty and our way of life. But they are only referring to themselves.