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neural neutralizer

Can't wait to see what happens on Stargate, its spin-off and Battlestar Galactica. I'm lucky enough to have a DVR so I can wait an hour into the programs and then happily skip commercials. Finally!, a computer attached to my satellite receiver lets me skip commercials fast. I have dreamt about that since the days of my first VCR while trying to stop fast forward at the right instant. It still isn't totally automatic. It would be better if commercials weren't recorded at all. And now I wish I could also erase the tiny ads that they run in the corner while the program is airing. It isn't bad enough that commercial time has crept ever upward and shortened the actual length of the program, but broadcasters have the gall to run tiny ads while I'm watching the show. Why not just let the actors hold a can of Pepsi or shave onscreen with a Norelco razor while we're at it. Hey maybe the actor could call Geico during the show or take a little purple pill too. Sheesh!

Ever watch a rerun that has had scenes shaved so they can fit more commercials? A few months back my kid was watching the old StarTrek. It was the episode "Mirror, Mirror" where a transporter mishap sends Kirk, Scott, McCoy and Uhura into an alternate universe where the Federation is a "Galactic Empire" and the U.S.S. Enterprise is the Imperial Starship Enterprise. Well to make some commercial time the network just cut the scene where Lieutenant Marlena Moreau "the Captain's woman" shows Kirk the device that eliminates his enemies and how to use it. You can imagine how confused my son was when in the last scene people just disappear. Then Kirk, and company can make their escape with the aid of the alternate Spock. Kind of changes the show into "Charmed" in space. Let's face it, the people running some of these networks deserve to be put under the neural neutralizer.

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