Schwarzenegger Does Something Smart

By appointing Susan P. Kennedy. In an article in the New York Times Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for a change, essentially called stupid by Dave Gilliard, one of the conservative leaders of the recall movement.

Quoting from the article:

"It's not acceptable, it's indefensible," Mr. Gilliard said. "She was part of the administration that was thrown out and that Schwarzenegger replaced. She was part of the problem. It's an admission by the governor that he doesn't know what he is doing."

Mr. Gilliard said that Mr. Schwarzenegger had forsaken Republicans, and that he should expect them to respond in kind next year.

"He hasn't given Republicans any reason to vote for him," Mr. Gilliard said. "To a certain degree, it's healthier for the party to be the loyal opposition to the Democrats than to sit on your hands and watch everything you've worked for be sold out."

But I actually think that this move shows either that Arnold is way smarter than the average republican and/or he is more concerened about keeping his wife happy than keeping a bunch of republicans on his side.

Dave Gilliard, on the other hand, needs a reality check. Maybe he should get out of California and move to Texas.