Political Issues

Once every couple of years people get to talking about the "hot" political issues. Seems like the fact of an upcoming election gets everybody worked up. Or does it?

I can't be the only person who has noticed that the issues that get brought up every time an election is near are distractions, detritus, and pure horse shit. It's become even worse than ever because the powers that be don't seem to even be that good at hiding their intent. Yet the media obliges them and makes sure that all we hear about are the issues that don't matter. I used to think that people liked having this crap to talk about to fill their otherwise empty conversations with something over which they can pretend to be passionate.

I spent a month in the Philippines once. Right around their elections. Every day in Manila life ground to a halt in the afternoon while brownouts occurred everywhere across the city. Businesses closed, people couldn't work. Air conditioners shut down. Every time you dealt with the government in Manila in any way you had to bribe someone. It is a way of life. In one case we had to have change so the workers could split the bribe up on the spot. These were exact-change bribe takers. And every afternoon while the whole city was shut down I would read the newspapers. Lots of political issues. Not one mention of the power outages or rampant bribery and corruption. Apparently these were not "hot" issues. Oh I did read one article about power plant modernization being financed by the Japanese. But this was because the pollution was blowing across the ocean to Japan.

And it is the same in the U.S. We have two or three major, major issues to solve. But instead we have to hear about gay marriage, immigration, abortion, etc.

Since everyone has such trouble recognizing what is important, I'll do you all the favor of prioritizing things.

Issue 1 - Global warming, the environment and oil. What's the point really if the planet we leave for our children resembles hell? We need to kick the oil habit now, and not sometime in the future. While we are at it we should get out of the "oil" war. Maybe if we concentrated on a new energy economy we would find some jobs for people. And the billions being given away by the current administration to their friends would go a long way towards achieving these goals.

Issue 2 - Health for everyone. It's about time that medicine and the insurance industry got an overhaul. Want to be patriotic? Take away the yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon and replace it with "Support Our Citizens". Start caring about your fellow countrymen. Too many people are sick in this country and can't afford to get well. Even people who get to see a doctor are often lab rats for the pharmaceutical companies. And way too many people are mentally ill and holding public office at the same time.

Issue 3 - Freedom - This could easily become issue number one. Do we live in a democracy? It may already be lost. If you care about freedom make sure you exercise it and also get very angry when someone else's freedom is just taken away. People, we have secret prisons now! What more of a call to action do you need? Our forefathers would have already dumped the Bush administration's tea party into the bay.

Everyone needs to stay focused on the real issues before another election just slides on by.

Or maybe I was right to begin with, and people like having all that other crap to talk about.


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