Playing Catchup

The media is already churning out the same old spin about Apple. Over at CNET we see that apparently Apple is playing catch up. When it comes to the iPhone "the company hasn't dramatically changed the device's basic design and functionality over the years." It really makes me wonder if these writers really are masochistic and enjoy being wrong all the time. And how do they keep their jobs? Or maybe they have done their job by creating "click bait" that attracted me and others. The real problem I have with the news media (and it goes beyond the tech media and into all the news) is that clearly they are being paid to shill these ideas, because if being correct and factual were a qualification, none of them would be employed at all.

The shill media spends all their time trying to explain away Apple's success. It all seems to come from a shared belief that Apple competitors will overtake or someday replace Apple as the leader and innovator and we can all go back to the glory days when Microsoft was king. There is no evidence at all to support this belief. It is ironic that one of the favored insults in the past before Apple's recent phenomonal success was to accuse Apple customers and fans of belonging to a cult. Beating up Apple in the media and misinterpreting everything Apple does has been going on for as long as I can remember. And I can remember all the way back to the beginning.

There is only one secret to Apple's success which has always been out in the open. Tim Cook, and the late Steve Jobs have both said it on numerous occasions. Yet the rest of the industry, many people, and the media seem unable to comprehend or accept it. The secret is that Apple really does care about their customers and works to enrich and delight them. They don't care about the shareholders. They care for their shareholders by caring about their customers. They don't care what is said in the media. They deal with the media by delighting their customers. It really is that simple.

As for playing catch up. It should be clear to anyone that Apple is the leader but I will explain for the cheap seats. Another core belief of the shill media is that being first to market with "a feature" makes you the innovator and leader. They also believe that being first gives you a competitive advantage. But that is not the whole story. They should re-examine that belief. What makes you the innovator and gives you the competitive advantage is not merely being the first, but being first to do something right. And to do it at a price that your customers can afford. Doing it right is like laying down a trump card in bridge. So while the media churns through it's fictional narrative of Apple playing catch up, take a second look at what happened yesterday. It looked to me like Apple took the trick again.

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