No We Can't*

No one trusts the government anymore. And people feel that government only works for a few, the 1%. This is not just something happening here in the U.S. (although I am writing this the day after Trump was elected). No, this is a world wide condition. If you are living in the first world you probably dislike your government and feel it works for only a few. If you are living anywhere else you probably hate your government and/or the government of the United States. You might even feel threatened by your government. You might feel threatened by somebody else's government. Or you might be living in constant peril and not protected by any government, or any social contract at all.

In this country their are millions of people who can participate in this democracy. Bad governments in other places, or people who can only live hand to mouth, often don't allow people to make democratic choices. But bad government in the U.S. is the result of un-compromising stupidity.

Voter turnout in the U.S. was estimated* around 52% at the time I write this. This means that 48% stayed home and just let things happen. We can postulate that some people just couldn't vote or perhaps were even afraid to vote. Some poor voter turnout is due to the effects of the bad government here in the U.S (Citizen's United, the electoral college, shady voting machines, impossible precincts, voter registration). Nonetheless it is hard to imagine that all of these people were prevented from voting or were unable to vote. So if you need a special group of people to demonize and to hate politically perhaps it should be these fuckers. Someone pointed out to me that a lot of the non-voters are probably white people who won't be as adversely affected as racial minorities, women, children, gays, muslims, Mexicans,...wait a minute who won't be adversely affected by Trump except Trump himself?

The phenomenon of Trump's becoming president is a direct result of this dissatisfaction with government. In 2008 the progressives came out in numbers because they believed the government could be taken back from the greedy and made to work again for people. But after eight years of un-compromising stupidity people are barely any better off. So this time around the voters (a not very deep thinking bunch) decided the only choice that made sense to them was to get a total outsider. Insiders had been given their chance and were cheaters and had failed. The problem is that once elected, the glorious leader, whether insider or outsider is just a figurehead. And the real strings are being pulled elsewhere.

What the people need to learn is that change has to come from the bottom and rise up. Voters need to vote. And not just for their glorious leader but for their less glorious dog catcher. It's the trickle up theory. They have been pissing on us, now it's our turn. And when all that trickle reaches the top it will be a storm surge.

Yes We Can*

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