New Worries for the U.S.

I was thinking the other day about the level of paranoia in U.S. society. People living here might actually be used to it, but you really notice it when you live abroad. I lived in Spain for five years and never felt so calm and relaxed.

We worry about everything here. And one wonders if the reason is because we are actually so afraid, or if the media wants us to be afraid. Maybe there is paranoia and fear in the media overseas but the great thing about being a foreigner over there is that you don't pay much attention to it. And quite frankly you just don't see it in the people on the street. And the way people treat each other makes me think it just doesn't exist at the level we have here in the U.S. In fact, some of the strangest questions spaniards asked me were prompted by their interpretation of our news media.

Now the great thing about living here and being paranoid is that I am actually getting paranoid enough to believe that all the fear mongering in the media is there to control us. Because with enough fear and worry being bandied about, we will give away every freedom we have in this country just for an illusion of security. And we will begin to justify for ourselves actions that we only accused our enemies of doing a couple of decades ago.

And this leads me to the conclusion that there is one thing we should all worry about. No, not imigration, not the war, but paranoia itself. We should all start being paranoid about the levels of paranoia and what it is doing to us. Maybe we need to shut down the media. At least we should ignore the fnords. Maybe the irony of being paranoid of paranoia will finally cause a change of some kind. Hopefully before it is too late and the fnords eat us.