Judge Dread

So what have we learned about Alito so far? According to the Washington Post he did join the ROTC, but it was to avoid serving in Viet Nam. In other words, at best he is a chicken-hawk wanna-be. The record of Scalito, as he is called, raises some serious questions about whether we want this guy deciding the law of the land. To add insult to injury his nomination couldn't have been timed any better since it is distracting everyone from the fact that the whole Bush administration should be put in jail.

Yet according to an article in the New York Times Scalito tends to give deference to the Lower Courts and to the people most likely to be well acquainted with the facts of a case. In other words he does not seem to be a good judge to go to for an appeal. While he definitely seems to the right of moderate, in general he doesn't seem to be an ultra right wing nutjob. But after reading about many of his decisions, I am beginning to think that what he really lacks is imagination. And quite frankly, I'd want to see someone on the Supreme Court who has both imagination and a true sense of justice.