Invasion of the Blogosphere

It was bound to happen.

The enormous popularity of blogging has brought the internet carpet-baggers to a blog near you.

I saw this ad posted on

Looking for Bloggers - $300 per month
We are looking for bloggers to help create buzz about new products and services. We will pay $5 per posting, and provide 2 posting subjects per day. All you do is write whatever you like, but at some point mention our client.
We pay via Paypal or itunes gift certificates. If interested, please drop us an email with a link to your URL and your Paypal address. We will respond with the posting subject.
You must have your own blog to qualify.

Now I've seen blogs sites with ads before. Some people work hard on their blogs and if they want to include some banner ads or whatever on their website to recoup some of their time and effort then that's fine by me. (In fact I'm doing it too. Just to see if it works.) And in some cases it gives some more insight into the blogger to see the kind of ads he/she chooses to support.

But this! - this will pollute the blog postings. This is the beginning of adding spam to the blog feeds. If this kind of thing happens on a large scale it could create an enormous backlash for blogging.

There is one possibility for a save here. It does put the ad copy into the hands of the blogger. So what if some bloggers started collecting the fee while writing really negative (even slanderous) posts about the "clients"? Maybe the money backing this sort of thing would dry up really fast.


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