In 1896 Svante Arrhenius worked out the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere on the Earth's heat. At the rate of human production of CO2 at that time he expected it might take over 3 thousand years for manmade CO2 emissions to have any impact. Data collected since the 1900s has shown the correlation between CO2 and mean temperatures and is not anything new. Greenhouse gases act as the Earth's thermostat. Now in 2016 we are seeing an impact because the amount of CO2 mankind is dumping into the atmosphere has caused it to reach levels in just a few years that have not been seen for an epoch.

This change is already causing damage worldwide, yet the U.S. just elected someone who denies the science behind it. Would you turn the thermostat in your house up to 90 degrees and then live with it that way? Would you be able to pay your bill? Yet the U.S. is subsidizing oil companies and allowing them to get busy fracking and building pipelines so that we can burn more oil and produce more CO2 than mankind has produced so far in all of recorded history.

The damage is not limited to the U.S. alone. But as the world's premiere consumer of oil and producer of CO2 it would not be unreasonable for the rest of the world to condemn our dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere. Instead of leading the way, and saving the environment for our children the U.S. has elected to cause more harm while some countries elsewhere are trying to fix this. A few are well on their way. We've already shown to the world that it is OK to start a war and invade a country over fictional WMDs. What will happen when the rest of the world decides that our continued dumping of CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere is an aggressive act?


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