Dennis Hastert Once Again Proves Republicans Are Assholes

In the Suburban Chicago Daily Herald, Dennis Hastert, republican majority leader continued his habit of speaking without having his brain actually connected. He had this to say about efforts to rebuild New Orleans:

“It doesn’t make sense to me, And it’s a question that certainly we should ask.”

“First of all your heart goes out to the people, the loss of their homes,” said Hastert . “But there are some real tough questions to ask about how you go about rebuilding this city.”

Hastert said his office worked nine weeks straight putting together the disaster relief for New York City following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. This could take even longer, he said.

“We help replace, we help relieve disaster,” Hastert said. “That is certainly the decision the people of New Orleans are going to make.

“But I think federal insurance and everything goes along with it and we ought to take a second look at it,” Hastert added.

“But you know we build Los Angeles and San Francisco on top of earthquake fissures and they rebuild, too. Stubbornness.”

The congressman forgets that Chicago was flooded not too long back. And this was not from natural disaster but from sheer stupidity. Then there was the Chicago Fire after which the government rebuilt Chicago. I'm sure the congressman remembers that. I'd argue that stupidity is a bigger factor in disaster then people care to admit. It may be stupid and stubborn to continue to live in an area where the risk of disaster is great. For example, one could freeze to death in Chicago after a big blizzard. But what is worse is stupid politicians. They cause more harm on a regular basis then anything.

Right now New Orleans would be a whole lot better off if the current crop of republicans, Dennis Hastert included, had paid more attention to people instead of the politics of personal gain. And the local politicians in New Orleans own their share of the blame as well.



Someone in Dennis Hastert's organization published a statement, attributed to the congressman himself, explaining that he didn't actually mean to imply that New Orleans should be abandoned. All I can say is that the government still has a lot more explaining to do with regards to this disaster.

The mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, seems to be doing his best to lay the blame at the feet of the Bush administration. While there is no doubt that the Bush administration fucks up on a regular basis, one also has to ask what was Mayor Nagin doing beforehand to prepare for this crisis.