Bush's Plan - Return to the 60's

I was reading an article in the SF Chronicle about the Bush Administration's approval of the new plans for NASA and the eventual replacement of the aged shuttle. And it struck me that like most things the administration has done, it is a return to the past. The Bush republican conservatism is not conservative at all. It is just nostalgia. Our energy policy, our environmental policy, our space exploration, our foreign policy are all just retro. He may be doing things bigger than the 60's. But that's just a combination of Texas and inflation. About the only unique thing to which the Bush administration can really claim credit is raping the Constitution like no other administration has ever done. Well, that and giving out billions of dollars of our money in handouts to their friends. But nepotism and fascism aren't really new either.

So what should the U.S. really be doing? We should be completely removing our dependence on oil. We should be cleaning up our water and environment, taking steps to end global warming, species extinction, human hunger, disease and famine. We should be investing heavily into solar, wind and geothermal power. We should be making sure that every resident and citizen has healthcare. We should be educating our children (and by that I also mean telling them the truth about the world). We should end poverty in this country if not in the world. And we should be getting rid of television commercials and making sure that if you have 500 channels then there damn well better be something to watch on TV. OK, maybe I'm asking for too much.

And with regard to the NASA space program: Hasn't anyone heard of the skyhook? Hasn't anyone the vision to replace rockets with something better? Shouldn't we be harvesting the huge amounts of energy available in space instead of poisoning our only true spaceship, the Earth? Why can we spend tens of billions on a war and less than half a billion on our space program?

People have accused Bush of being ignorant. Now in my opinion ignorance is pretty bad. Some would go so far to say his administration is evil. I just think Bush and his administration are greedy and dumb. But what is far worse is that they have no imagination whatsoever.


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