Bluespoon AX bluetooth headset

Bluespoon AX2

I originally decided to get this headset because every wired headset I used with my phone eventually developed a short near the plug due to wear. I replaced (under warranty) one Plantronics headset three times before deciding to try a Bluetooth hedset.

The Results? I tried a couple of Bluetooth headsets before buying this one. Some of its nicest features are that it is really lightweight, easy to pair, recharges via USB cable, and has a user replaceable battery. The bad: Every headset I tried had static problems and none of them have the quality of a wired connection - this one included. My advice: If you are in a situation where you absolutely need to be disconnected from your phone then a Bluetooth headset is OK, but if you care about how your calls sound, both to you and the person with whom you are speaking, then stay wired.