Blogosphere Invasion - part II

Well I was worried about people being paid to post to blogs, but there are lots of bots posting comments to blogs out there. Luckily I haven't seen this yet, but then again I haven't done a trackback to anyone else either.

There are several ways to stop the bots. You could try any or all of them.

  1. You can moderate your comments and just delete the spam yourself before it gets posted.
  2. You can try to change the name of the comment link in your blog to something else, like "Say What?" or any other phrase that the bots might mistake for an ordinary link.
  3. You can use a service which checks the id of posters, usually by requiring them to have validated their identity in some way. (Credit card or what have you.)
  4. My personal favorite is to use captcha, a verification step that can't be performed by bots. Unfortunately support for captcha in comments on my blog is waiting for a software update.
  5. A simpler form than a captcha, is just to ask a security question. It could be anything. Even a question with an obvious answer will do. Most people running bots aren't going to be able to customize the bot for every different site out there.

So if anybody reads my blogs besides bots, Happy Blogging!