Apple's iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3gs

My last iPhone post I said video and voice dialing were the only things missing from the iPhone. Well iPhone OS 3.0 and the 3Gs hardware are here and not only have those features been added, but a compass as well which perfectly rounds out the GPS function to allow driving assistance to truly work.

So far only AT&T offers an app which will do this and wants to charge an extra $9 a month for owning the app but I am hopeful the situation will improve.

The one thing that hasn't change, sad to say, is the choice of carrier. Here in the U.S. we still only have the choice of AT&T (formerly Cingular) as the cell phone network. Sure some people jail break their phones but normal people will be stuck. Another big negative to the AT&T situation is that you cannot tether your computer using your iPhone although elsewhere in the world it seems people have that choice.

So despite the fact that I think Sprint is a better network, I finally bought an iPhone and began experiencing the dropped calls of AT&T. But synchronizing my contacts, email and bookmarks, access to apps make it a joy to own. It is really a pocket computer that makes phone calls, and not a phone trying to be a computer. Sorry blackberry users, but having a "real" keyboard is an atavism.

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