Apple's iPhone


Well it was almost two years ago I wrote about waiting for the Apple phone right here. Now it's announced, and the furor has subsided, so let's see how good my predictions were.

So if Apple wants to make an iPod phone I am all for it. Because if they do I can be certain of several things.

  • It will have Bluetooth or at the very least synchronize flawlessly with the Macintosh.
  • The iPod Photo version will probably have a nice camera too.
  • It will be great for playing music and likely have the widest choice of ring tones ever seen.
  • It will be popular enough that I will probably see a Sprint version.
  • It will have the first truly simple and friendly cell phone interface.
  • I and millions of other people will buy one.

I think I scored pretty well. It is an iPod and a camera. Plus so much more. There isn't a Sprint version. But I actually never said it would start as Sprint, only that popularity would ensure a Sprint version. It will start as Cingular for the first two years, but I am willing to bet Sprint will pick it up and if not then they deserve to lose my business. Of course it hasn't sold millions yet as I predicted, but I am pretty confident about that. Two years from now it will be even better with lots more storage for music and video, and probably voice recognition. Want to bet I'm right? In two years time we will find out.


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