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George "Nero" Bush plays guitar while New Orleans sinks.

We are supposed to be at war with terror. We should be prepared for anything. But a hurricane that is coming for hours and days catches us totally off guard? Doesn't this prove the lie that is the Bush administration? George Bush mentions the oil pipeline eighteen times as he talks about his plans to send aid to New Orleans. Can't America see the truth behind his outlandish lies yet? We could have prepared better for this, but it didn't matter to Dubyah enough to even pay attention.

New Orleans obviously needed help before the hurricane hit and the administration did nothing. Worse still, the party majority leader makes comments about abandoning the city. So now they are worried about the deficit when only people are suffering. But were they worried about the deficit when they decided to prosecute a war for oil?

Bush fled and hid in the face of 9/11 and then made a nice speech afterwards. But what has his administration done to prepare for any disaster besides create an incomprehensible color-coded warning system and a security organization reminiscent of Nazi Germany and "1984" combined? What has this administration really done for this country? Start a big expensive war on false pretenses?  It is demeaning to pass an airport security checkpoint but are we any more secure? They have spent billions of dollars and created the largest deficit in history. Where has the money gone? To their friends. Where have the jobs gone? To foreign countries. They've used damned lies and statistics to pretend that there aren't millions of Americans living on the edge and without jobs. Health care costs force many people to do without it. The republican propaganda machine has turned television news into "talking points" and one-sided shout festivals. The results of our elections are suspect. The price of gasoline is unbelievable and the administration has pursed an energy and environmental policy designed to play into the hands of big oil and big coal while turning the U.S. into the world's largest tire-fire.

So who's fault is this really? It is the fault of the millions of Americans who could not be bothered to find out who these people really are who are running our country. The ones who put their neighbors down for trying to speak out against the Presidency, against the Republicans. People who will believe any lie so long as you wrap it in an american flag and put it in a box with an apple pie and a bible. But you can't fool all the people all the time. Now we are seeing Dubyah's popularity sink to new lows. The republicans are even turning upon themselves.

So you might think the title is about New Orleans. But I am hoping that it is the Republican party that is sinking beneath the waves. And I am praying that the title is not about the U.S. itself.

*title thanks to "Peach" Gillis

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