Of Course! Bush's Next (Media) War Will Be Against Mexico

Why didn't I realize this before? All the Bush administration really has been doing is catering to his buddies in Texas. I knew that from the first line dance at the inauguration ball. Did they have a mechanical bull in there? I can't remember. So now that we've taken back the oil "stole" from Texas oil companies isn't it time to remember the Alamo? This article in the Washington Post is just the beginning.

Stop The Torture!

You probably think I am writing about the fact that our Vice President seems to be in favor of torture. But I'm not. Sure it is obvious that Dick has watched too many episodes of "24" and it is obvious he should be punished. He did, after all, swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and uphold its laws. But for most of the politicians in our government "swearing-in" is just a quaint ceremony.


Judge Dread

So what have we learned about Alito so far? According to the Washington Post he did join the ROTC, but it was to avoid serving in Viet Nam. In other words, at best he is a chicken-hawk wanna-be. The record of Scalito, as he is called, raises some serious questions about whether we want this guy deciding the law of the land.


Harriet Miers Between the Lines

As you may have heard, Miers has withdrawn her nomination. I thought I had better write something today since by tomorrow half the rest of Bush's aides may be indicted and Miers will be old news very quickly.

Many republicans questioned the sanity of this nomination which probably meant it was doomed anyway, but Miers made this excuse for her withdrawal:


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

It's always interesting to see a survey like this. Someone, somewhere has come up with a test, which once scored, assigns to you a science fiction or fantasy character that matches your personality. The only problems are: The test is hardly scientific; and you have no clue ahead of time to which of the many science fiction or fantasy stories the test will refer. It turns out to be a short list.