Half Dead

OK, OK. So not everything is working right yet. The drupal cron job is running so some feeds are starting to show up. I plan to add more and plenty of links to helpful websites. (I certainly have browsed a few of those trying to get drupal to work.) One big problem which has been there since the beginning is that transparent PNG files just don't work on Windows Explorer. My apologies. A fix exists and I'll try to get it implemented soon.


Goin' Live

Well I have finally switched the website over to being run by Drupal. There still may be a few glitches here and there. The CSS isn't ready and some odds and ends remain to be done. I'll probably install the cron task right after this. Later I'd like to use the launchd services maybe. Sendmail isn't working today so the new user accounts are basically broke until new users can get their temporary passwords mailed to them. I'll be taking care of that in the coming days along with the return of the son of the old website CSS. But basically I'm ready to get back to programming.

A SQL to Following Directions

I started investigating Content Management Systems the other day. I was getting bored with my web site. I was tired of hand coding web pages and wanted to spruce up my blogs too and wasn't looking forward to modifying the blog CSS to match my web site's CSS. I've done this once already. I like the idea behind CSS. It is nice to be able to change the look of the web pages globally while leaving the html untouched. But I have CSS for my regular web site and CSS for blojsom. Furthermore the blojsom installation is versions behind and Apple has modified it for OS X Server.

The Dangers of Following Directions

I often like to complain about Windows. As a longtime Apple programmer I can't help it. Growing up and growing old with this industry I've just seen too many ripoffs perpetrated by Redmond. I think that corporations get an imprint from their founders, and that imprint, those patterns of working and behaving stay with them for a long time. Many times they persist even after the founders have long since left the scene.

Waiting for the iTunes mobile/iPod phone.

This was posted at Engadget. Oh I already have an iPod. In fact it is a 5Gb; the very first model. I quickly found out that I couldn't fit my entire CD library on there so I developed my playlists and swapped music continuously. Now with smart playlists I don't even think about it too much any more, I don't really need another iPod until this one dies.

Xcode peculiarites -Library can't find file errors

I noticed this one when upgrading some projects in CPLAT (a nice cross-platform framework) to Xcode 2.1 from 1.5. After creating the source tree for CPLAT in the Xcode preferences the compiles went well but the link phase gave an error about a missing library. The files seemed to be present and in the target so I tried taking it out of the target to see what would happen. (I was hoping it wasn't even needed.) Instead I got a new error about another library being missing, I think it was expat.


SciFriday is back tonight!

Can't wait to see what happens on Stargate, its spin-off and Battlestar Galactica. I'm lucky enough to have a DVR so I can wait an hour into the programs and then happily skip commercials. Finally!, a computer attached to my satellite receiver lets me skip commercials fast. I have dreamt about that since the days of my first VCR while trying to stop fast forward at the right instant. It still isn't totally automatic. It would be better if commercials weren't recorded at all. And now I wish I could also erase the tiny ads that they run in the corner while the program is airing.